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manual therapy

manual therapy

using hands-on techniques, our therapist can assess, diagnose, and treat the muscles, joints, nerves, and other soft-tissues.  manual therapy technique may include myofascial release, joint, nerve, and soft tissue mobilization, and spinal manipulation. for more information please visit

exercise prescription & active rehabilitation

exercise prescription + active rehabilitation

a custom exercise program that best addresses your specific movement needs, previous injuries, and rehabilitation goals will create structure, progress you safely, and promote success. from pre-surgical care, tendinopathies and overuse injuries, to getting back in the game, we've got you covered.


electrotherapeutic modalities

to compliment the other forms of treatment that we offer, our therapists can provide therapeutic modalities such as therapeutic ultrasound, interferential current (IFC), transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), neuromuscular electrical stimulation, and electroacupunture.


acupuncture + dry needling

acupuncture and dry needling involved the insertion of sterile needles into specific meridian, soft-tissue, and trigger points in the body.  this may help to decrease pain, inflammation, and relieve tension.

bone health & healthy aging

bone health + healthy aging

with your help, our team will create a safe, fun, and manageable exercise program that promotes strength, balance, and mobility, while including the weight bearing exercises crucial for decreasing the risk of falls, fractures and injury.

pre & post-operative therapy

pre + post-operative therapy

not sure how to prepare for surgery, or what to do afterwards?  research has shown that being in good physical condition before surgery may improve post-surgical outcomes.  in addition to creating and leading you through your own personalized rehabilitation program, our team can also answer any general questions that you may have regarding your surgery, educate you on the anatomy of the region, and give you an idea of what to expect after surgery.

therapeutic taping

therapeutic taping

specific taping techniques can change the way that we experience movement, provide support to joints and tissues, unload painful structures, and promote awareness during movement. in addition to therapeutic taping, our therapists also provide preventative taping for sport.

strength & conditioning

strength + conditioning

optimal physical performance and injury prevention requires the right balance of technique, flexibility, strength, and motor control. not only do we talk the talk, but our staff has walked the walk - as high performance athletes, runners, yogis, and NSCA certified strength & conditioning/ FRC mobility specialists, our team is equipped to push you to be your best.

core retraining

core strength

when working optimally, your trunk or "core" muscles help to support the spine and pelvis during movement.  our therapists can help to identify some of your movement preferences, test for strengths, weakness, and endurance in your trunk muscles, and find the best strategies to integrate core exercises to help you to move more efficiently and effectively.

peri & post partum health

peri + post partum health

at mend we can appreciate that both pregnancy and delivery can be both wonderful and, at times, a physically challenging experience. it's essential to listen to, and take care of your body during and after your pregnancy. our therapists can help you to identify affected body structures (i.e. diastasis rectus abdominis, pelvic girdle pain, or sacroiliac joint dysfunction), decide if you will need a referral to see a pelvic health physiotherapist, and help you to develop some strategies to keep moving well as your body continues to change and recover.

registered massage therapy

registered massage therapy

Registered Massage Therapists are regulated health professionals who are trained to assess and treat physical dysfunction and pain in the soft tissues and joints, using a mostly hands-on approach. massage therapy can also be used to help prevent injuries, for therapeutic relaxation, to alleviate stress, and to manage acute and chronic pain. our highly skilled massage therapists will help you to identify those areas in your body that need some extra attention and select the most appropriate massage techniques to get you back to feeling great.

custom orthotics + bracing

our certified pedorthist is trained in the casting, manufacturing, fitting, and adjustment of custom orthotics, custom orthopedic footwear, and custom orthopedic braces, including those needed for post surgical ACL repairs, elbow fractures, and for knee osteoarthritis.  each full biomechanical assessment includes gait analysis, footwear analysis, and a general review of your foot health.  our clinic also carries a selection of over the counter bracing options for conditions like tennis elbow, ankle sprains, patellofemoral pain, and thumb/wrist overuse injuries.