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what should I expect?

expect to form a partnership with a knowledgeable and friendly clinician who is committed to helping you to achieve your goals. by listening carefully to your needs during your one-on-one appointment (we absolutely do not double-book our clients), your therapist will custom-create a plan for sustainable success.

at your initial assessment, please arrive 10 minutes early so that we can ensure that all of your appropriate documentation has been completed. you and your therapist will then spend time together discussing, assessing in detail, and treating your area(s) of concern.

what are the benefits of adding physiotherapy into my everyday life?

the mend team is here to help you to reach your personal goals. whether that is to live a healthier lifestyle, to regain proper movement and control to an injured body part, or to attain a personal best, we're here to help you to restore + refine.

using a comprehensive approach that may include exercise, education, manual therapy, and dry needling + acupuncture, we're here to encourage you to take control of your health by helping you to understand what it is that's going on, and how to best take care of it.

should I bring anything to my first appointment?

- suitable clothing so that the area being examined can be easily accessed

- new client intake form (you can send us a copy at, bring in a print-out, or fill it in at the clinic)

- any relevant information from other members of your healthcare team (Xrays/MRIs, surgical reports/notes etc)

do I need a doctor's referral?

no. physiotherapists are considered primary health care providers and therefore a referral is not necessary. however, some insurance companies may require a doctor's referral for reimbursement. we recommend that you call your insurance provider beforehand for clarification if necessary.

can my information be shared with my doctor?

yes. at mend, we strongly believe in a team approach and encourage open communication. with your permission, your therapist will gladly provide members of your healthcare team with relevant assessment and treatment information.

is my visit covered by OHIP?

no.  unfortunately, physiotherapy and massage visits at mend are not covered by OHIP. please visit the College of Physiotherapist's website at to download a list of designated OHIP funded physiotherapy clinics in Ontario.

do you accept Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) or Motor Vehicle Accident claims?
no.  unfortunately, mend does not accept either WSIB or motor vehicle accident claims.
how can I schedule an appointment?

click on the handy book an appointment tab at the top right corner of our homepage, or contact us by email or phone (details below). we look forward to hearing from you!

can I ask the physiotherapists a general question?

sure! while our policy is to customize your assessment and treatment plans, there are often tips and questions that we can help answer.  feel free to send us a query at