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candice wong

registered physiotherapist/ co-founder

fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy
certified in integrated dry needling

when i was thirteen, my parents told me that i either had to get a summer job or volunteer.   i hesitantly agreed to eight weeks of volunteering in the physiotherapy department at the hospital where my mom worked.  the night after my first shift, i begged my parents to let me quit, i had no idea why anybody would want to be a physiotherapist!

fast forward to the end of that summer and i had fallen in love with the profession.  it seamlessly integrates movement and human interaction, while helping people to get better, be stronger, and reach the goals that they set for themselves.

the human body is complex.  systems are interconnected.  i learned that during my basketball and rugby days through injuries of my own.  as a result, i see the body as a whole, and try to teach my patients about being proactive instead of reactive.  i continue to learn from my peers and my patients everyday, and am truly lucky to love what i do.

after work, you'll likely find me exploring the city's newest restaurants and breweries!  i also love to travel, play guitar, and be active outside.

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nicole sullivan

registered physiotherapist/ co-founder

fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy
certified in acupuncture + integrated dry needling
certified strength + conditioning specialist (nsca-cscs)

i have always had a passion for movement.  i grew up tobogganing down the hills of riverdale park and eating cheese pies on the danforth on my way home from school.  i spent a lot of my time riding subway trains to soccer fields and volleyball practices, and have always had the desire to create, learn, and motivate those around me.  this led me to the world of exercise science, sports medicine, and eventually physiotherapy, and i feel so lucky each day to love what i do.

the connections between the many complex systems of the body have always amazed me.  i am thankful to have studied with many teachers in a variety of settings, but learn the most from my patients and their stories. i use an integrated, individualized approach, and have found that my strength is in breaking down what can sometimes seem like a complex and overwhelming amount of information, into simple, manageable terms.  i listen, educate, and collaborate with my patients to get them moving, and back to the things that they love. 

outside of the clinic, i have the privilege of being the lead therapist for volleyball canada's beach national team, and enjoy traveling, running, and endlessly wandering the many neighbourhoods of toronto.

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reese kalleitner

registered physiotherapist
PT, BHK (hons), MPhtySt

i grew up just outside of vancouver, and at an early age found myself fully immersed in sports.  through hockey i found myself dealing with some injuries of my own, and while picking the brains of those helping me, i fell in love with the idea of helping other to overcome their injuries

i have been privileged to travel the world for both school and to play hockey.  now i feel lucky to come to work every day and hold others to excel in their sports, at their workplaces, or in their daily lives.

i get really excited about providing others with a game plan that includes education, exercise, and a hands-on approach to therapy.

in my spare time i can be found at the ice rink, the gym, and keeping up to date with the standings and statistics of pretty much every sport imaginable.  go canucks go!

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kate germain

registered physiotherapist

i have spent my entire life involved in athletics, from competing at the NCAA and CWHL levels in ice hockey, to working as a coach, strength coach, and athletic director at a private high school, my passions have always remained on the playing field.  a competitive nature and willingness to "try anything" sports related, can come with a toll on your body.  i learned very early in my career that both preparation and rehabilitation were crucial to keeping me on the playing field.  watching, learning, and working with a variety of brilliant and compassionate healthcare professionals, inspired my own journey into a career in physiotherapy, just as the saying goes...if you can't beat 'em joint 'em!!!

my approach to life and my work is centered around balance, whether it's the constant battle to even out the chocolate covered almonds with a salad or two, or the complexities of the human body.  as a physiotherapist i work to restore balance between the body's inter-connected systems, muscles, and movement strategies.  no matter if it's from a recent injury, or years of repetitive strain, the goal is always to help you to return to the activities that you love. 

when not at the clinic you'll find me on a bike, snowborad, nordic skis, or at one of the many parks in Leslieville with my dog dolly (parton).

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bryant lam

registered physiotherapist

i grew up in north vancouver and at a young age i loved being active. my favourite things to do were skiing, running around exploring the forest in my backyard, or playing road hockey with friends. during high school i became more involved with organized sports, specifically football.

i was lucky enough to have played on the western mustangs football team, and inevitably with a contact sport, sustained multiple injuries. i had firsthand experience in the rehab process with some awesome physiotherapists that helped me get back to the sport i loved. working with such great people made me realize that i wanted to pursue a career as a physiotherapist.

i am passionate about building relationships with my patients to help them achieve their goals. my approach involves developing a comprehensive plan with an emphasis on education, hands-on therapy, and individualized exercise.

outside of work, you'll find me at the gym, on the golf course, or playing squash. i also enjoy trying out new restaurants around the city and spending time with family and friends.

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lindsay goodman

registered physiotherapist
PT, BAKin (hons), MScPT

most of my childhood was spent in a dance studio. dance was my passion for 13 years, but it's also where my interest in biomechanics and movement began. in my teens i developed an interest in sport and quickly joined the swim, soccer, softball, and rugby teams, this is where my love for sport and true understanding of injury really developed.

after graduating from university, and working for two years in broadcasting, i rediscovered my interest in sport and injury while preparing for a figure competition in 2007. from this point on, my life was never the same. i spent the next few years working towards a bachelors degree in kinesiology, masters of physiotherapy, and developing the skill set that i continue to add to each and every day. my unique background and understanding of movement has helped me to develop a knack for rehab, keeping my patients active, and helping them to pursue their own physical activity goals.

i can still be found lifting in the gym, going to yoga and hip hop classes, and participating in sport. i have recently become a golfer and have also rediscovered tennis, but really just enjoy being outdoors in the summer. i love traveling, trying new delicious food, and binge watching Netflix. 

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gleb savchenko

registered massage therapist

my path to studying the art and science of movement wasn't so straightforward.  growing up with a knack for numbers, i actually started off my working life on bay street as a consultant.  a chance knee injury while playing soccer, the resultant surgery, and the lengthy rehab process that followed, led to me completely re-evaluting my career.

having grown up in Kazakhstan playing soccer and badminton, my passion for athletics really took off when my family immigrated to Canada, and i naturally gravitated towards hockey.  it taught me about teamwork, competition, sacrifice, and how to take a hit!  ultimately, it was my drive to get back to skating, after my surgery, that inspired me to pursue my studies in massage therapy.

today i combine my personal experience in injury rehabilitation, my problem-solving and pattern recognition skills from bay street, and my continuous pursuit of learning in manual therapy and movement, to empower my patients to live healthier lives.  the human body has an incredible propensity to heal itself, using a combination of education and a hands-on/ movement based approach, i hope to provide patients with the skills that they need to keep moving.  with additional training in pilates, yoga, and strength & conditioning, i also enjoy helping high-performance athletes, dancers, and fitness fanatics to achieve new personal bests.

in my spare time i love reading up on the human form, and can often be found in various studios/gyms throughout the city.  as an avid urban hiker, i love exploring coffee shops, patios, and the other eclectic offerings that each Toronto neighbourhood has to offer.  fall is my favourite season, not only because of the pretty colours outside, and the endless layers in my wardrobe (hoodies on hoodies!), but because it also marks the start of the sports season, and i get to flex my skills as an armchair quarterback!

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ron castro

registered massage therapist

if you were to tell me that i would become a massage therapist for [mend]physio and spend most of my career working with some of swimming canada's greatest athletes, i would have probably laughed at you.

growing up in toronto, i was never an active child.  I was not enrolled in every sport possible.  i was always picked last for every team, and i almost drowned as a child.  but life has this weird way of taking what you feel are your weaknesses and turning them into strengths.  i may not have been the strongest athlete or most graceful mover, but i certainly would not let it stop me from understanding how other people could achieve such great athletic feats.

the human body is truly fascinating.  it amazes me that we an have the same bones and muscles, yet manage to move and experience pain and injury so differently.  that's why it's so important to watch people move as a whole and not just focus on one specific area.  as a practitioner i enjoy putting the "therapy" back into massage therapy.  a relaxation treatment can be great, but helping patients to recover from injury through specific treatment plans and exercises gives me the greatest joy.  by working with all levels of athletes and patients, alongside amazing practitioners, i continue to learn and grow.

in my spare time, i enjoy powerlifting and participating in the occasional crossfit class.  as for becoming a better swimmer, i am still working on that part.

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tanya robertson 

registered massage therapist

i began dancing when i was five years old and fell in love.  i wanted to be a dancer, and for the next 15 years, most of my free time was invested in this dream.

attending ryerson university's fine arts program, i pushed myself mentally and physically in ways that i never thought possible.  i was closer to my dream than ever, but in one swift moment a knee injury changed everything.

although i bounced back and graduate, my knee was never quite the same.  i was faced with the harsh reality of my injury and the economics of a career in dance.  as i looked to my future, i realized that something in my past had carried me through the grueling journey and wear and tear of dance - massage therapy.

i wanted to support other in the way that massage therapy had supported me.  the holistic nature of preventative and restorative treatments can be extremely helpful in keeping people active, healthy, and free of injury.  as a massage therapist i hope to make a difference by helping people to continue doing the things that they love.

when i'm not at the clinic you'll find me rehearsing my jazz hands and choreography skills with momentum dance toronto!

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aimee shen

certified pedorthist
BAKin (spec hons), C.Ped (C), C. Ped Tech (C), CSEP-CEP

certified Pedorthic Technician
certified Sigvaris and Jobst Fitter (of compression socks)
certified exercise physiologist
custom orthopedic bracing

ironically, working with feet was the last thing that i thought i'd be doing, considering i was deathly afraid of them growing up!  i stepped into this profession after studying and working in kinesiology, exercise physiology, and health information management.  i found each filed to be interesting, but always lacking "something".

my first day interning and studying to be a pedorthist was like being back in kindergarten-but for adults.  learning to use a bandsaw and an industrial grinder, cutting, pasting, heating material, and creating plaster molds of feet, combined the 'arts and crafts' aspect of the field, with the science of biomechanics that i had studied in school.  i finally found that "something" that was missing - hands on creativity.

i love the one-on-one interaction that i get to have with my clients as they work through their recovery process.  being able to hand-craft their custom orthotics from scratch, while suffering nicks on my knuckles along the way, is truly a passion of mine.  feet are not longer scary to me, but now a fascinating part of the many different complex bodies that i get to work with and learn from every day.

when i'm not working, you can usually fine me at the local dog park with my toddler in tow, at the climbing gym or squash courts, or in the backcountry on a canoe trip

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gabi castillo

office manager

when i first started working at mend, i didn't know what an IT band was, but now i know the benefits of acupuncture, exercise, and the many uses of a lacrosse ball.

i enjoy being one of the first people who greets patients as they walk in the front door and makes sure the clinic is running smoothly.  with a background in wedding and event planning, organizing and problem solving are my best assets.

in my spare time, i love cheering on my favourite team, trying out new recipes, getting lost in a good book, and hanging out with my dog, darcy.

jenna vince

customer experience

before joining the team at [mend] i worked in live theatre as a stage and production manager and also ran my own small preschool business.  the common thread among my varied career history is managing chaos, a skill that i continue to hone at [mend]'s mission control.  i love chatting with our patients, and always look forward to seeing so many friendly faces come through the door.

i'm a passionate believer in exercise as medicine and am always working to live a happy and healthy life.  when not at work, i love hanging out with my husband and pug, going to the theatre, and spending time outside.